Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dysfunction at dinnertime? No, thank you.

The geniuses behind TV Ads certainly understand the art of getting under the viewers’ skin. The numerous Ads about erectile dysfunction are the source of my latest pet peeve. Am I the only woman who finds these Ads offensive?

In my opinion, these ads offer unrealistic images. In one ridiculous scenario, a woman and man hold hands in a wide-open grassy field… while they sit in separate bathtubs? How many people enjoy gnats circling their heads while sitting in cold bathwater? This is not my definition of romance.

Another Ad shows a Caucasian man confronted by his reflection in a plate glass shop window about his inability to perform in the bedroom. If a man’s reflection talks back to him about his erectile dysfunction, then he should immediately consult a psychiatrist. This, by the way, is a win-win situation for the pharmaceutical companies.

In the most implausible erectile dysfunction Ad, we watch an African American man, over six-feet tall, carrying a bunch of flowers, and smiling at every one he passes on the street. Come on! This is America! We know White America freaks out at the sight of powerful black men. It is absurd to think that America would be comfortable with this image of a black man publicly celebrating his virility.

I am aware of the pharmaceutical companies’ desire to sell as much product as possible; however, during my evening meal, I do not wish to view, nor contemplate anyone’s sexual function, not even mine. I think these kinds of Ads should run during the 10:00 P.M News slot. If men benefiting from such products are too tired to stay up beyond this time, maybe they should rethink whether they need to satisfy their sexual urges.

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