Friday, August 10, 2012

Dangers of Long Hair Worn by Sport Competitors - (Opinion)

This article on the Internet ( "Does Sanya Richards-Ross’ long hair slow her down?” ) caught my attention this morning.   I have discussed this very issue at home while watching the Olympic gamesHowever, I believe there is another more sinister problem with Sports Competitors with long pony tails switching back and forth during competitions, especially in Track & Field.  In my opinion, these competitors are using their hair as defensive weapons to intimidate and impede other competitors.  I have yet to see the general public or Sport Officials wise-up to it.  It is also surprising to me that there haven’t been any serious eye injuries or facial lacerations reported. 

Some female competitors are the most serious offenders, but a few of the male competitors are just as guilty.  Most of these eighteen-inch-long hairstyles, flowing like a horse’s tail, are synthetic hair.  However, people with naturally long hair are also part of the problem.   Especially during long distance races, when they use their hair to obstruct the vision of others behind or beside them.  I have noticed some runners backing off their stride to avoid being hit by others’ hair swinging back and forth.  

Whether it has been scientifically proven or not, all that long hair is definitely distracting.  It is time for Olympic, and other Sport, Officials to implement a hair code for both women and men competitors.  Hair should be worn securely pinned up, or cut to a reasonable length where it is not a hazard to the other competitors.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Taking Our Country Back" : One Innocent Black Teenager At A Time?

Any Black mother and father in this country must go to bed and wake up every day with a heavy heart.  They wonder if today is going to be that day when they get a knock at their door and they are greeted by a cold stare offering meaningless apologies. When a child is brought into this world, its’ parent wishes for nothing more than to see his or her child attain adulthood and take their place in society.  But for Blacks in America, every day is an inner nightmare.  Blacks were brought up the Hudson 400 years ago to build this country with their blood, sweat and tears; yet every generation finds itself battling for acceptance and survival in this country.

I came to this country over thirty years ago and I learned the rules fast.  In England, my eleven year old son would go to the local playground to ride his bike, play with his friends and I had the confidence that he would be safe.  He went to the market most Saturday mornings alone and would return with old coins, the latest album, or his favorite comic book.  All that freedom to enjoy his surroundings came to an abrupt end in that North-East Philadelphia neighborhood.  The people made us know we did not belong.  Mind you, these were “God-fearing” people who “loved their God and Country” without limits, yet viewed us as space aliens. 

The first day of our new life in Philadelphia, my four year old daughter tried to make friends with the neighborhood children playing in their front yards.  She was greeted with these words from a parent: “Go back where you come from.”  My daughter could not understand what that meant, because we came from London, where she attended nursery school with children of all ethnicities, and had never experienced such open and unwarranted hostility from any adult.  As a result, I began to keep an even tighter rein on my children, especially my son, to whom I had to explain why America was not like England.  He was not allowed out by himself anymore, not even to the neighborhood shop.  

I must commend one little old lady for her bravery, because she refused to participate in her neighbors’ plan to shun us.  She made it her duty to come to my house to inform me of their scheme.  I sent them warning through her that where I grew-up, no one messes with other people’s lives - or they might live to regret it.  For the next eighteen months, I lived on that street with my head held high.  My children became the darlings of some of the neighbors, and my front yard was like a magnet for their children.

Americans may why wonder why I feel so strongly about the death of a Black boy in Florida that I do not even know.  I could be that young boy’s grandmother waiting for him to return from an errand.  Or, he could have been my son growing up in this country, where certain sections still seem to exist in the dark ages. 

“Hoodies” have become the signature clothing of most young people in this country.  And, for God sake, why should people not be free to wear what the hell they like without fear of being shot by hate-mongers?  I remember pulling the hood of my children’s coats snuggly around their faces to keep out the biting, winter cold.  

My son and daughter are now adults, but I sleep lightly.  They are still being profiled, even though we have always lived in so-called Middle class neighborhoods, or Suburbia.  A few short years ago, my son and a work colleague were returning from lunch, driving the speed limit, minding their business, when my son noticed a police car following him.  If you know my son, he is extremely cautious in every facet of his life, especially behind the wheel.  Nonetheless, he was followed all the way back to his place of work, and only then did the police turn around and speed away. 

Similarly, when my daughter was in college, she was stopped while driving through our neighborhood.  The officer said she had a knitted hat on, and he could not see her face.  He ticketed her for a rolling stop.  Every driver in California does a rolling stop with impunity.  She fought it, and the officer was never more surprised when she showed up in court, well-dressed and well-spoken.  The Judge gave her community service at a local theater.  These incidents happened in Northern California.  And quite recently, my daughter, who still lives at home, had an officer follow her all the way to our front door.  Can anyone imagine how frightening and unnerving that was for a hard-working, single woman returning home late at night from a long commute?

People talk about democracy in America, and I do wonder if they know what it means?  They hate communism and totalitarianism, but I think those Americans who want to take other people’s rights to dress in whatever manner they deem suitable, are the real danger to freedom in this country.  Ten years ago, it was the big shirts and baggy pants; before that it was the knitted hats - and now it’s the hoodies.  Get a life people, and live!  

People are up in arms about “taking their country back” and some of them have not even been in America one generation.  Blacks have been here generations too numerous to count; yet, they obviously still have no Civil Rights.  Some American politicians running for the office of President talk about colonizing space, and they can not even inhabit the earth peacefully.  How can Americans run around the world expounding their warped rules on democratic freedom, when its’ own citizens live in fear of walking to a neighborhood store to buy candies?  America will never be respected as a true world super-power until it treats all of its’ legal citizens with respect and dignity. 

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Monday, January 2, 2012


Oprah is finished.  Her twenty-five year reign as “Queen of the Talk Shows” has evaporated.  Her political and financial spheres of influence have declined.  Her Midas touch is completely devalued; up-and-coming entrepreneurs no longer vie for her approval.  She simply misunderstood and mistimed her exit from the mainstream Media arena.  It is not even a year since she left ABC, and her world audience has forgotten her.  

The powers that be unceremoniously dethroned her.  They instead feverishly fight to install a new Queen – or King.  Ironically, the line-up of competitors includes some of Oprah’s protégés.  The “White Dudes Show Down,” as I have renamed it, is jostling on all the major Networks (CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX) for the 3:00 P.M slot vacated by Oprah. 

Rightly or wrongly, some factions of the political power elite in America believe that Oprah over-stepped her bounds.  They hold the opinion that Oprah greatly influenced her followers to vote overwhelmingly Democrat in the 2008 election, thereby solidifying the win for the first African-American President.  With her departure from mainstream television, Oprah’s influence is null and void well before the 2012 election.

Oprah further miscalculated when she assumed that her brand alone would ensure the successful launch her TV Network, “OWN.”  While it flounders with thin programming that fails to capture her audience’s imagination, some celebrate OWN’s impending downfall.  For the majority who shared and experienced her growth for the last quarter of a century, we eagerly anticipate her electrifying “come back.”  Oprah still, and forever, reigns supreme.  

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