Friday, August 10, 2012

Dangers of Long Hair Worn by Sport Competitors - (Opinion)

This article on the Internet ( "Does Sanya Richards-Ross’ long hair slow her down?” ) caught my attention this morning.   I have discussed this very issue at home while watching the Olympic gamesHowever, I believe there is another more sinister problem with Sports Competitors with long pony tails switching back and forth during competitions, especially in Track & Field.  In my opinion, these competitors are using their hair as defensive weapons to intimidate and impede other competitors.  I have yet to see the general public or Sport Officials wise-up to it.  It is also surprising to me that there haven’t been any serious eye injuries or facial lacerations reported. 

Some female competitors are the most serious offenders, but a few of the male competitors are just as guilty.  Most of these eighteen-inch-long hairstyles, flowing like a horse’s tail, are synthetic hair.  However, people with naturally long hair are also part of the problem.   Especially during long distance races, when they use their hair to obstruct the vision of others behind or beside them.  I have noticed some runners backing off their stride to avoid being hit by others’ hair swinging back and forth.  

Whether it has been scientifically proven or not, all that long hair is definitely distracting.  It is time for Olympic, and other Sport, Officials to implement a hair code for both women and men competitors.  Hair should be worn securely pinned up, or cut to a reasonable length where it is not a hazard to the other competitors.

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