Saturday, July 17, 2010

Should our Nation’s Leaders Hold Office Indefinitely?

A few weeks ago, I was watching MSNBC and Chris Matthews said something we all think, but are too frightened to say.  He posed the question, “What age should senators retire?” The United States Congress needs to clean house.  Their age for retirement should be the same as the public.

The United States Congress is like a “Retirement Commune” for a majority of overpaid rich white dudes and a few privileged black ones.  The Senators and Representatives bumble around from session to session without accomplishing anything of substance. Some Senators nap on camera while in committee meetings.  Their electorates who anoint them with the privilege of occupying the highest office of the nation are disillusioned.  What other profession has senility as one of its outstanding attributes?

It is upsetting to have men and women in Congress well past their prime pretending to be working on behalf of the people.  The following Senators are prime examples: Strom Thurmond almost died in office at approximately 100 years.  Senator Jessie Helms probably had some form of brain damage.  Senator Robert Byrd, even though he suffered the after-effects of a stroke, held onto his seat until his death a few weeks ago.

U.S Senator Arlen Specter is another great example of someone who does not know when to exit gracefully. At almost eighty years old, his legacy would be more distinguished, if he held court and offered his insight and wisdom to up-and-coming, would-be, young senators. In my opinion, no Senator should serve beyond seventy-five years old.  But I guess the Senators will never pass a law to put themselves out of such a lucrative position.

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